Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review for Tell Me a Secret by Ann Everett


I really enjoyed this book!!

The story starts off with Maggie and Jace on an journey to find happiness.

Maggie is a smart graduate,her professor asks if she could tutor football player Jace. She's not really happy with the idea and plans to ditch him after a couple of sessions. Jace is a man 
whore, with girls constantly flocking to him, he can take his pick. Maggie seems to resist his charms, which makes him more determined to bed her. Somewhere along the way they both start to develop feelings for each other but Maggie doesn't want to be like her with an endless string on boyfriends.

The second part of the book is a shocker, It took my breath away, really wasn't expecting it. I felt so sorry for the two of them. 

I love both Maggie and Jace, Maggie is strong and feisty. The love she has for Jace is magical.

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