Friday, 29 August 2014

Review of Godcorp by Jessica Smith

'Sales’ Midas Evie Stone has the world at her feet and high places to go, until the day her boyfriend is killed in a traffic accident.

Evie just knows it was not Malcolm’s time to die and sets out on a mission to rectify fate’s mistake and bring him back from the dead.

She uncovers the mysterious Godcorp organisation, but does God, the Almighty, really have a website?

Resurrecting the dead is no easy task. How much is Evie willing to sacrifice?

Her fate, and Malcolm's, rest heavily on one beautiful man - enigmatic business mogul Lucius Devlin, who wants Evie for his empire.

To reach Godcorp she will have to play the Devil, but will the Devil play fair?


5 Stars

Godcorp has an unique storyline, a story with different perspectives between heaven and hell. This book will not disappoint!!

Evie's on and off again boyfriend Malcolm passes away after he's tragically involved in a motorbike accident. Evie's convinced he died by mistake and is determined to get him back. Evie's consumed by grief but when she meets Mr Lucius Devlin, he gives her a business card with written on it and tells her, there might be away contacting god. Evie thinks she can see the light at the end of a tunnel.

Lucius Delvin is Hot and knows what he wants and he wants Evie, he's willing to to anything to get her including helping her bring Malcolm back but is Lucius all he seems? Has he got his own reasons to get close to Evie?

Can't wait to read book 2!!

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