Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sizzle by Sarah O'Rourke

What happens when the Devil asks you to pay your dues? Molly Ramsey is just about to find out! Molly Ramsey lives a nice, normal life. Her cat, her dog, and her two best friends are more than enough for her, thank you very much. Working for her brother’s best friend helps pay the bills, even though she often wants to strangle the sizzling-hot egomaniac with his own outrageously expensive tie! William “Devil” Delancy built his vast empire through sheer determination and corporate takeover. The millionaire always gets what he wants...from women to companies and all points in between. And when he is done with them, he discards them without another thought. So when his sainted, dying grandmother voices her concern about his lack of a wife, he does what he knows best: he takes what he wants! And it just so happens that the woman nearest and dearest to him is his own assistant – the beautiful Molly. Join this racy, rollicking romantic comedy that will take you from giggles to gasps and see just how far the Devil can push the unsinkable Molly before she sets both their worlds on fire. Romantica, erotica, humor, comedy and much more in 127,000+ words.REVIEW. Devil Delancy is a self made millionaire widely reported by ladies to be Satan between the sheets, he was well known for been a love 'em and leave' em offence.He is also pure hotness. Molly does not pretend to be someone she's not if she's got an opinion you are going to here it.Molly is loyal and thoughtful and has the best friends a girl can ask for.But Molly's boss is the Devil and he is just as bad as the devil himself in Molly's opinion or is he?. Getting horizontal with her brother's best buddy was not in anybody's best interest.Blowing the tumbleweeds of her woo woo with Devil just wasn't a viable solution - even if the man was a walking,talking sinful temptation. wow this book cracked me up from start to finish Molly's character has a sassy mouth which she cant keep quiet and i loved it.Devil finds Molly beautiful sexy and funny.Molly's friends are so loyal and protective of Molly that you feel connected to all the characters. Sarah has done a fabulous job with these character's in the book you get to know each one of them and find yourself laughing out loud and each of them.Then there's Devil hello mr hotness Sarah has gave me a new book boyfriend to think of.I am normally a gritty reads but i do enjoy a good romantic comedy and this book hits the nail on the head.Thank you sarah for giving me the chance of reviewing your book.

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