Friday, 5 September 2014

Grit by Margaret McHeyzer Review

 Grit review by Jodie

 ***RECOMMENDED FOR 18+ - STAND ALONE***Jaeger Dalton wants the land that was promised to him. Phoenix Ward isn't about to let anyone take Freedom Run away from her. He’ll protect what’s his. She’ll protect what’s hers. Jaeger is an arrogant ass, but he wants nothing more than Phoenix. Phoenix is stubborn and headstrong, and she wants Jaeger out of her life. Her father lost the family farm to gambling debts, but Jaeger isn't the only one who has a claim to the property. Sometimes it’s best to let things go. But sometimes it’s better to fight until the very end.

Jaeger is a complete an utter ass a very hot sexy biker but an ass at the same time, he gets what he wants when he wants so what happens when he wants something so bad he can taste it? what about when that something he wants is playing very hard to get what can Jaeger do?

 Phoenix is having the worst time of her life things cant get any worse can they? oh things are about to get so much worse for Phoenix but she's strong shes had no choice but to be she doesn't need any help she can handle it cant she?

 I loved this book from start to finish i connected to the character's straight away Margaret has done a great job of having the characters drag you in straight from the start of story i loved how strong Phoenix is from start to finish this girl kicks ass and i loved her,

Jaeger and his dirty filthy mouth wow i loved him his character is one i think you will either love or hate bit like Marmite he has no filter when he speaks which had me laughing out loud at times but his also got a big heart and once he cares he will do anything for you.

the storyline is great and had me hooked i love a good MC book and this is a great MC book.

But then he opened his mouth and damned if his not the biggest asshole i've ever met.asking me if I shave or wax my sex.... how rude! the more he spoke the angrier i got.

I see her, and instantly her flaming, wild,red hair is everywhere.What the hell is she doing here?who the fuck is she?one look though,and I know I can make her moan while I taste her pussy,licking her,.enjoying her.I want her. This is a 5 star read from me and a big thank you to Margaret for giving me my chance to review it.


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