Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review of Be My December by Rachel Brookes

Review of Be My December  by Rachel Brookes

5 Stars

I really enjoyed this both!!
I feel in love with both characters both really easy to connect with.

Eden Rivers is 24 years old and is a girl struggling, trying to figure out who she is after such a horrific event happened to her. She is the girl who always said yes in fear of what would happen if she said no. Eden made a promise to herself, she would never step into the city again but when she gets an offer of a lifetime, can she really say no?

Ky Crawford, the knight in shining armour, is really racked with guilt. He stopped living when he couldn't save someone from his past, which he blames himself for but wasn't really his fault.

what happens when Ky and Eden meet?

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